When a field on a form isn’t required

When you integrate new technology to your stack

When you click the ‘People’ tab in a Smart List before it autosaves

When you QA a new integration

When the CTA link in an email is broken

How I think a static list feels when it hears me talking about Smart Lists

When you read one of Sandy’s responses in the Marketo community

When you’re trying to normalize job titles but someone puts in something unique

When someone fills out a form but immediately unsubscribes

When they ask you for your business email but you use your Gmail address for business

The data value change to the Unsubscribed field when someone unsubscribes

Email 4 in a nurture stream

When you see a job posting for Marketing Rockstar

Marketo when a lead clicks an email from a new device

When you meet someone who works in marketing but says their company doesn’t use marketing automation

When you get an email for an upcoming webinar urging you to register today because “spots are filling up fast”

When you’re trying to figure out why a smart campaign is being triggered by digging through a series of data value changes and requested campaigns